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„Der Simulierte Mensch“ is located in Berlin-Wedding where the Campus Virchow of Charité and the historical Biotech Campus of TU Berlin meet and will open in 2025. It is the result of ongoing scientific activities and cooperation between both institutions and the political intention to make Berlin the "Capital of Alternative Methods".

Architect: Telluride | Image: Imagina Visual Collaboration

In 2017, the TU Berlin, with a scientific lead in the development of microfluidic platforms and bioprinting, and Charité, one of Europe's largest university hospitals and leading in biomedical research, signed a cooperation contract with a vision to create a Medical- and Biotechnology Campus with a joint research centre “Der Simulierte Mensch” as a catalyst of interdisciplinary cooperation in biomedical research without the use of animal experimentations. The construction of the Si-M building is equally funded by the State of Berlin and the Federal Ministry of Research and Education.
This joint Campus is in Berlin-Wedding Seestrasse corner Amrumer Strasse.

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Architectural Perspective

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