Our vision

At Si-M our researchers, engineers, data scientists and clinicians are aiming to simulate human physiology and pathophysiology in human models systems in vitro and in silico for a better understanding of health and disease. Here, innovative analytical processes for human cells and tissues are developed to enhance diagnostic and therapeutic approaches without the use of animal experimentation.

Our Mission
We aim to enhance our understanding of human physiology and pathophysiology for the advancement of diagnostics and therapeutics through the study and clinical integration of models and processes.

Our Values
We are committed to excellence, innovation, and progress through:

  • Cooperation & Respect
  • Reliability & Support
  • Cultivating a Culture of Learning from Failure & Transparency

Our Approach
We foster a highly collaborative environment that integrates engineering, data science, and human medicine, elevating existing models and analytical methods without resorting to animal experimentation. At Si-M, TU Berlin and Charité disciplines work together, combining cutting-edge technologies with creative thinkers and outstanding infrastructure to foster research and communication.


3 laboratory levels:
subcellular - cellular - tissues & organs
2 levels for communication and
public interaction
high technology
6 technology platforms:
XR Lab, proteomics, genomics,
cytometry, organoids and bioprinting, imaging
> 10 scientific disciplines

Cutting-Edge Organoid Technologies
Our focus is on advanced human cell culture models in 2D, 3D, microfluidic systems, and complex bio-printed structures. We aim to integrate these models with automated analytical methods in high-throughput settings.

Comprehensive Phenotyping and Genotyping
We combine multi-omics, cytometry, and imaging of human cells and tissues from clinical studies with human model characterization to discover new diagnostic and therapeutic targets. We're enhancing simulation models for increased predictability without animal testing.

Integrated Data Sharing

We emphasize technical and medical expertise for interlocking technologies and data integration, promoting interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. We synchronize and integrate data at all stages, from planning to AI-based analysis, with a primary focus on data sustainability and accessibility for the scientific community.

Support for Young Researchers
Si-M-PIs provide mentorship for young researchers, fostering their professional and personal growth. They encourage an open and inclusive environment, allowing for innovation, creativity, and learning from both mistakes and successes.

Embracing Diversity
Si-M-PIs bring together a wide range of disciplines and research cultures, including biotechnology, material sciences, medicine, immunology, machine learning, biochemistry, arts, and social sciences. We welcome collaboration with additional institutional partners to advance cutting-edge science and nurture emerging talent.

Celebrating Diversity in Life and Work
We actively promote work-life balance and value the diversity of life paths. Embracing diversity across all dimensions, including age, gender, personality, nationality, talents, and unique qualities, enriches our research endeavors.