Science Communication

Two floors for communication

In addition to the classic laboratory and office spaces, the Si-M building offers plenty of room for communication.
The first two floors were specially designed for exchange between the different target groups. In future, it will not only be the scientists who will exchange ideas with each other here, but also the general public.
It is to become a place that informs, arouses interest and stimulates thought. We also want to achieve this by including art. In addition to scientific and socio-political discussions, science theatre is also to take place in the Theatron.

We dedicate the first two floors
to communication.
On these levels, there will be room for all kinds
and styles of Science Communication.
A round, low levelled auditorium, to boost discussion and communication between our scientists, interested citizens and politicians.
Artist showcasing
Science Theater
Science at a glance
Participation in research studies

Future events will be found here.