Living Lab | Extended Reality

• High performance computers
• Extended Reality Head Mounted Displays
• Volumetric and 360° camera systems
• Depth sensing technology
• 3D-Printers
• Greenscreen studio for photo and video production
Methods & Services (only in cooperation)
• XR, 3D and 4D imaging
• Projects regarding visualization of data, (micro-)anatomy, and (patho-)physiology
• Volumetric video creation
• Photo and video production
Responsible Person
Moritz Queisner
upon request


Igor Sauer
Si-M Council Member, Researcher

Lab Homepage

Moritz Queisner
Lead XR Lab, Si-M Council Member, Researcher

Personal Website

Adaptive Images: Challenges for Visual Studies and Media Theory
Bruhn M, Friedrich K, Queisner M.
International Journal for Digital Art History
VolumetricOR: A New Approach to Simulate Surgical Interventions in Virtual Reality for Training and Education
Queisner M, Pogorzhelskiy M, Remde C, Pratschke J, Sauer IM.
Surgical Innovation