Mass Spectrometry

Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ Astral™ HRAM mass spectrometer
Methods & Services (only in cooperation)
• Project support
• Advice in experimental design and sample preparation
• Cross-Linking mass spectrometry
• Data management and analysis
Responsible Person
Juri Rappsilber
upon request
Adam Belsom


Ana Perez


Juri Rappsilber
Facility Lead Mass Spectrometry, Researcher, Si-M Council Member

Lab Homepage

Light-Induced Orthogonal Fragmentation of Crosslinked Peptides
Lars Kolbowski, Adam Belsom, Ana M Pérez-López, Tony Ly, Juri Rappsilber
Journal of the American Chemical Society Au
Protein structure dynamics by crosslinking mass spectrometry
Zhuo Angel Chen, Juri Rappsilber
Current Opinion in Structural Biology
Protein structure prediction with in-cell photo-crosslinking mass spectrometry and deep learning
Kolja Stahl, Andrea Graziadei, Therese Dau, Oliver Brock, Juri Rappsilber
Nature Biotechnology
Dual-Bioorthogonal Catalysis by a Palladium Peptide Complex
Ana M. Pérez-López, Adam Belsom, Linus Fiedler, Xiaoyi Xin, and Juri Rappsilber
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Structural mechanism of CRL4‐instructed STAT2 degradation via a novel cytomegaloviral DCAF receptor
Vu Thuy Khanh Le-Trilling, Sofia Banchenko, Darius Paydar, Pia Madeleine Leipe, Lukas Binting, Simon Lauer, Andrea Graziadei, Robin Klingen, Christine Gotthold, Jörg Bürger, Thilo Bracht, Barbara Sitek, Robert Jan Lebbink, Anna Malyshkina, Thorsten Mielke, Juri Rappsilber, Christian MT Spahn, Sebastian Voigt, Mirko Trilling, David Schwefel
The EMBO Journal
Understudied proteins: opportunities and challenges for functional proteomics
Georg Kustatscher, Tom Collins, Anne-Claude Gingras, Tiannan Guo, Henning Hermjakob, Trey Ideker, Kathryn S Lilley, Emma Lundberg, Edward M Marcott, Markus Ralser, Juri Rappsilber
Nature methods
A Reproducible Bioprinted 3D Tumor Model Serves as a Preselection Tool for CAR T Cell Therapy Optimization
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Frontiers in Immunology